About Us

Understanding the difference between cost and value is the feeling. Everything in life has a price, but the sensation of creating a unique style usher happiness. The style is what make us stand out from the crowd. The visual world we live in only respects individuality. The feeling of rich makes you rich. The feeling of poor makes you poor. If you want to taste that feeling you must relate and measure the items you can truly value. Select what represents you but does not reveal you. Chose what you like but become exclusive. Clothes we wear, cars we drive, speaks for us. Things around us, talks for us. We let them introduce us. There is nothing more sexy then conveying a message without troubling your lips. When we feel special we don't desire to lure everyone. Everyone can follow certainly but its important that our assets sends right message to the right souls. Individuals that match our frequency. When we surround ourselves with things we value, we get Rich "Sensum" (Latin for feeling).

Founder Rich Osborn, a war veteran, author of two books and a commericial pilot never had to look for inspiraton on rich lifestyle. He was born in it. From Paris to Rome, Newyork to Carriabean He experienced it first hand.

"Most common thing I noticed in rich people, doesn't matter which country they are from, is the confidence. Feel rich to be rich."